Real people have acomplished great differences for the world! Here are their stories!

Oil problems

Over a barrel: Oil nearing $100. Technically not a global warming story -- but who can doubt that part of the renewed interest in energy policy in general and alternatives/efficiency in particular is due to record oil prices? Certainly OPEC is a bit worried. And if, as many believe, this is evidence that we are nearing peak oil -- then this story foreshadows even more dramatic changes in the future.

Friends of the Earth

On Earth Day, some heroes for the planet were honored in Washington, D.C., for their work. The Goldman Environmental Prize has been called the Nobel Prize for the green movement. Each year, it is given to environmental leaders from six regions of the world. The winners receive $150,000.

Two prizewinners won for their outspoken efforts to clean up the coal-mining industry. Maria Gunnoe lives in West Virginia's coal country. She believes she's just doing what's right for her community. "I never even knew I was an environmentalist," she says.

Africa's winner, Marc Ona Essangui, lives in Gabon. The country includes part of the world's second-largest rain forest. Ona helped clean up a mining project that threatens the ecosystem.

Fighting the Fires

Australia is used to battling wildfires. But the current firestorm is the deadliest to hit the country since 1983. That year, a blaze in southern Australia killed 75 people. So far, more than 180 residents have died in this week's fires. Officials say that number could rise to 300. More than 1,000 homes in 20 towns have burned to the ground. Five thousand people have been left homeless.Some experts are blaming global warming for conditions that added fuel to the fires. Australia is especially vulnerable to climate change because of its hot, dry environment. These ingredients combined make Australia the most fire-prone country on Earth, scientists say. Most of the nation's bushfires are sparked by lightning. However, investigators believe the current disaster was caused by arson - people setting fires on purpose.