How do you earn Global Points? It's really simple! Just go the the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" page and do one of the things listed there! Everytime you do one of these tasks and tell us at our blog, you will earn a point. You sign up as a Global Member there (it's safe and child-friendly)! Once you get 15 Global Points, your website will be posted here! Once you get up to 50 points, there will be a special suprise stored for you! Once you reach 15 points, you will stop getting belts and you will stay at the black belt, but you will get your website posted and possibly the special suprise! Every time you get a point, you get a new belt! So start earning up!

Belts in order that you get them:

White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Pink, Violet, Blue, Green, Navy, Teal, Scarlet, Peach, Magenta, Gray, Black