Welcome to Against Global Warming! If you are against global warming, if you want to encourage people to start saving the planet, and you want to make a difference, this is a website for you!

For some people, global warming may not be a big deal. But if you don't care for the Earth, the o-zone will burn up and there won't be any air left! Same with water.

Water is easily infected. Dumps attract bugs, take up land, and leak toxins into ground water, which contaminates and destroys water. Dumps near lakes, rivers and oceans leak toxins and can kill animals. Dying and extinct animals lead to other species dying out...

Landfills are much safer than dumps. They contain a liner to prevent toxins from leaking into aquifers and ground water. But they still take up space and destroy trees and plants. With photosynthesis, plants produce air. Without plants, there would be no air, and the atmosphere will be flooded with carbon dioxide. See where that leads to?

So we're encouraging you to reduce, reuse and recycle! If there's no recycling centers in your area, you can reuse paper for tissue paper and confetti. With plastic bags, you can have a doggy bag and luggage. But don't use the same bag for both!

If you want to be a part of the "Against Global Warming Group", sign up at our blog! Signing up is child-safe and free! Help us make a difference and earn points for your commitment!

This is a really cute video about how Earth Day began. (kid-friendly)