If you want to reduce the amount of trash in dumps and landfills, you can do the following!



2.Reuse your paper and plastic.

3.Donate your unwanted items to charities or give them away.

4.Create your trash into something new!


Reusing trash and recycled materials is one of the most important things in the three R's. This list includes some of the things you can do to make a difference.

1.Reuse plastic and paper bags for trash can liners, laundry, bathroom bag, doggy bag or a lunchbag!

2.Reuse paper as tissue paper, confetti, birthday cards, signs and premade game cards.

3.Use food containers for pencil holders or a candy jar.


Most neighborhoods and towns have local recycling centers. It may be hard at first to recycle every single thing that can be recycled, but once you start, you get the hang of it. The materials you recycle can be made into new things that can be recycled again! Most cereal boxes will tell you that they are made of recycled cardboard and paper products. So, where did these products come from? You!

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This is a video I made. You have to turn up your speakers to hear the music. I made the very first picture. Hope you enjoy!